Some random suggestions of vegan breakfast fruitbowls!! Definitely the favorite meal of my day!!


What I have never mentioned on my blog, which is kind of weird, but as I have chosen not to share random personal information about my daily life or boring stuff that you may find my dietary choices. But since this is something so important for the ENVIRONMENT, for the people, for the animals – and put them in whatever order you like – i like to think of those 3 categories as something unified and connected – so as this is something emergent I guess it deserves my mentioning.


My story begins only 2 years before, as I am a newbie to this lifestyle actually – and I am calling it “lifestyle” and not just a “movement or a trend” – and my relationship with the food have gone through various stages. The fact that I was so lucky in my life and for no reason honestly I started informing myself for veganism, educating myself for nutrition and diseases of the modern human made me seeing food in a different way. Not being a passionate meat eater ever never, I started avoiding meat and observing the differences on my health. This first positive feedback of myself for myself, made me to start avoiding all animal products and enrich my daily meals with fruits mainly and veggies. For a 6months period I was following a vegan lifestyle absolutely no animal products and I was feeling a-ma-zing. Trying to be careful with my health,


I GOT my blood test, checking my cholesterol (which was high before), my blood sugar levels, vitamins, iron leveLs (which were low since I remember getting blood test results).. That time, after that cleaning period, my results were better than EVER. The weird thing is I knew it before I would see them. I could feel it. No infections for a long time, better skin, no cellulite,  better mood, more energy, positivity and many other things that I am shy to share in public 😀 That was the fact though that made me to put a goal for the rest of my life, to Educate myself, observe and try to be my best version. Since then I continue to go back and forth from veganism to vegetarianism. Cause it is not easy. When you live in a society that is tuned on opposite things, it needs so much strength to just say no. I wish one day , I start living according to my goals and how my heart and knowledge directs me. Sometimes this fucking brain is a big trouble 😀  I wish everyone be so lucky as me and starts thinking outside of the box, get informed and researching. Cause food is something that has a huge impact on our environment. Meaning..ourselves.


Anyone there who experiences or has already or wants to follow a plant based diet?? I know and really wish we are more than I can imagine! Sometimes you need to know that you are not alone :) xx



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