black and white heels outfit OUTFITS pants Romwe sheer top Sunglasses Zara


Sheer Top ROMWE Waxed Pants H&M Heels ZARA Necklace H&M Sunglasses H&M Sculp Earring (gift)

photos by Manou El.
edited by me

Today, I tried a different style in my hair, ok it’s not something special,I don’t know either if it looks good. It is a little bit weird for me..Wearing again my mac dark berry lipstick, this tiny lovely sculp earring and the safest compination of black and white in clothes.OOh in these pictures you can see my tattoo, too, it’s my first and only. Until now. 😀
Hugs and kisses <3

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    20111129 at 21:39

    koukla! 🙂 auto to kragion sou paei ekplhktika! latreuw to poulover!kai ta mallia epishs polu omorfa! filia polla!

  • Reply
    Claire D. T
    20111129 at 21:56

    Υπέροχο look!! Το μαλλάκι σου πήγε πολύ 🙂 Το αστεράκι πίσω από το αυτί είναι τατουάζ ε? Είναι τέλειο κοπέλα μου..

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    20111129 at 22:04

    Yperoxh apla!! Love your style!! To tattoo apisteuth pinelia 😉 ki egw etoimazomai gia to 1o diko mou! Episis na tonisw..oi fwto sou iperoxes…san aerines! Filia!!

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    Call me M
    20111129 at 22:07

    Para poli wraies, kai oi fwtografies, kai to outfit.

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    20111129 at 22:22

    Wow Dena….you look fab! Simply stunning and chic!

  • Reply
    20111129 at 23:27

    Amazing as always! Love what you did with with your hair! Beautiful change! You look so chic and up to date in the same time! Job well done!

    Out Of The Box

  • Reply
    20111130 at 10:49

    Really like your style Dena, love all your outfits as well as the way you SUIT everything UP!

  • Reply
    Maria Antoinette
    20111130 at 11:19

    Gorgeous hair! And I love the look too! Thanks for the comment lady 🙂



  • Reply
    Miss Kwong
    20111130 at 13:03

    i love the hair! and the lipcolour with the bi-colours clothings are just awesome
    following u now!

    Follow me on:
    Miss Kwong – Art and Fashion

  • Reply
    just me
    20111130 at 13:03

    really like your style! and the tattoo also like :)))

  • Reply
    Joanna K.
    20111130 at 13:52

    Έχω τόσα τσόκερ και δεν τα φοράω σχεδόν ποτέ!!
    Το πουκάμισο είναι τέλειο!

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    20111130 at 14:49

    Beauuuuutiful pictureS! Theres not a lot of retouching needed if I can say so 😉 but which program do you use to put two pics together?

  • Reply
    Dena TsaL
    20111130 at 14:57

    Because of my studies I have learned to use photo editing programmes quite well. Personally I work with Adobe Photoshop CS5 and Corel PaintShop Photo Pro X3. Both of them for differnt reasons. This effect that you need can be done with both of them. 🙂

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    20111130 at 14:58

    love this outfit! perfect

  • Reply
    20111130 at 18:36

    Sou paei etsi to mallaki polli kai to olo styl. Exoume kai to idio tattoo 🙂

  • Reply
    20111130 at 19:12

    Thanks for your comment hun!
    You are super stylish, love the blog! Keep going!

  • Reply
    Alessandra Nido
    20111130 at 19:23

    You are amazing!
    So cute 😀
    Thank you for your comment!


  • Reply
    20111130 at 20:22

    You look amazing!
    Love your blouse 🙂

  • Reply
    20111130 at 21:09

    wow, love your pictures and looks! what a cute editing of your photographs!


  • Reply
    20111130 at 21:10

    (actually, I’m following you!!! :))


  • Reply
    20111201 at 01:10

    love the necklace. great photos

  • Reply
    20111201 at 02:24

    great photos. love the choker + necklace

  • Reply
    20111201 at 03:21

    Very cute !!!:)

  • Reply
    .sabo skirt.
    20111201 at 04:54

    Amazing photo!.. We adore your outfit so much!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  • Reply
    the golden rose
    20111201 at 05:55

    these pictures are breathtaking.
    xx sylvie

  • Reply
    20111201 at 07:27

    amazing blog and photography!following back 🙂

  • Reply
    welcome to my jungle
    20111201 at 09:59

    I’m in love with the first photo and your whole blog. It’s wonderful. So thank you for your comment. I’d love if we’d follow each other!

    – Dani

    welcome to my jungle

  • Reply
    Mary @ Fashionbirds
    20111201 at 12:29

    Wow, I really adore your photos and your style! Loving this in particular because it is so sophisticated and chic! Looking fab!


  • Reply
    20111201 at 18:20

    Lovely outfit! Aristokratikotato… Latrepsa to tattoo!

  • Reply
    20111201 at 20:50

    love this shooting!’re always too gorgeous!!xxx

  • Reply
    20111202 at 07:55

    τοσο ομορφες φωτογραφιες!!τελειο ντυσιμο και μου αρεσαν παρα πολυ τα μαλλια σου!
    σευχαριστω πολυ για το σχολιο εγινα κ αναγνωστρια σου να βλεπω ολες τις νεες σου αναρτησεις..

    καλο μηνα !!

  • Reply
    20111202 at 09:05

    love the pictures !!!

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    20111202 at 20:49


  • Reply
    20111203 at 09:42

    Super cute look! Love your top xoxo

  • Reply
    Fashionable j
    20111203 at 11:43

    PANEMORFI kai teleies fwtografies:)

  • Reply
    20111204 at 18:58

    very fab!

  • Reply
    Style Servings
    20111205 at 09:53

    BEautiful.. So simple, but makes such an impact!! Love it!

  • Reply
    20111208 at 20:35

    I really like your outfit, so simple and chic!

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    20111212 at 16:25


  • Reply
    20111215 at 04:24

    These are gorgeous photos – I love your top!

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